Sometimes you have to be insane to see the beauty of this world!

So Germany finally got a Chancelorete!
But that is not all. Not everything seems to be the same in good old (west-)Germany these days: both Social Democrats and Conservatives are now led by East Germans. Although this fact has triggered some to announce that the whole German unification to be one huge trick with the real plan being a west ward expansion of the GDR, the East Germans in charge in those two parties re unfortunately of the hardcore anti-communist kind.

seeing the world from the perspective of a cynic
seeing the world from the perspective of a cynic

But how much longer will this whole charade go on? Not many more years, at least if we are to believe Schröder’s wife, Mrs. Köpf-Schröder; for Schröder’s military good-bye reception she chose the song “Mackie Messer” (in addition to “Summertime” by George Gershwin and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.). The “Mackie-Messer”-song is part of the “Three Penny Opera” and displays the social decay of the late Weimar Republic (that is the Germany that was before the Third Reich – led by the social democrats with the communists voted mainly by unemployed).
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time for cynicism

Hey, dear readers of my random thoughts and analysis!
This is the time of the year when you can get cynical – Christmas is not quite here yet, and if you were to achieve anything special this yea the time for that probably was sring, when everything looked brighter and lighter each day. Instead, at least here in Oslo, Norway, we have the equivanet of the amound of rain that we have during the rest of the year, and it’s cloudy most of the time – although still not resembling anywhere close to the level of bad weather that one can experience in Schuby. I said fall is nice and the colors are bright and warm? Well, yes, they are, but when you’re close to run out of money (like me), things look a whole lot different. Every drop of energy that I am loosing due to exposure of my skin to the weather turns into another post on the budget in the form of food.
Of course I have tried to move things around in the energy/food/money-equation by trying to convert some of the consumation of food into intake of pure heat – or “energy” as it’s also called. And why? Well heat is simple, and heat doesn’t cost anything for a person living in a student house. Unfortunately did it only take me a day to figure out that cranking up the heat to the maximum (in my room, the kitchen and the bathroom) as well as leaving an open oven blow air that supposedly is close to 200 centigrade right into my living space only makes me dizzy and the huger doesn’t quite disappear…
And it’s not only me. One of my friends met me yesterday at the food court at the university: “I have to confess, I’m not the considerate and reflected perosn you think I am,” he started, “I really am rather neurotic.” As he explained, he had stopped paying his electricity bill since January, and either that included his internet bill or he ddn’t pay that either. “They first turned the internet speed down, but then they turned the entire electricity of, “he was about to give me an overview og his situation, “yesterday I was sitting there which a jacket and a scarf warming myself with a candle.”
He now spends most of his time at the univeristy in order to get as warm as possible during the day. And although the bill has been paid, it will take quite a long time before they will turn electricity back on. “And they’ll take 2000 kr. for it!”, my friend is outraged, although 2000kr (roughly 125 USD) is the “slow and cheap version”, which will turn his energy back on much slower than the “expensive and fast version” for 3000kr.

High flying crap

Ah, seems like I have become a hate object for some!

Here is what one guy send to Universitas through his mobile:

Forsøkte å lese kronikken til wilm. 1/3 sa hvorfor han skrev den 1/3 presenterte kandidater 1/3 ??? Noe om frihet, markedsfundamentalisme og inndeling etter politisk ståsted. Hvis han søker å engasjere bør han skrive norsk og ikke retardert. Maken til intetsigende svevende fjas! Får han stipend? Anonym

which renders to something like:

Tried reading Wilm’s “kronikk” (a sort of long extended letter to the editor). 1/3 he wrote why he chose to srite, 13 he presented the candidates, 1/3 ??? Something about freedom, market fundamentalism and divisions according to political standpoint. If he’strying to activate people, he should write Norwegian and not retarded. Pure contentless flying crap! Does he get a stipend?

Well, the writer is probably right that it looks a bit like what any politician would write in wording, etc.- but to my defense I’d say that I actually came up with arguments why one should vote for those candidates I endorsed based on their political plattforms.

But anyways, I support any effort to dethrone figures of seeming authority, and so I can only say: more power to you!

Juh! (Sydslesvigian scream pronouned “yooh” which means “and the world continues turning… go on, give us more mono-national hell, we’ve had so much we’ll survive some more as well!”)

The Left Alliance grasping for media attention

For those that don’t know t yet: The Left Alliance is a student party which we started last spring and ran for seats in the student parlament. We are the smallest of all parties with our 9 MPs, but that does not hinder us in being the most active.
Now one branch of our strategy is to try to seek media attention around some of our main causes – and that can turn out quite funny as we only have one newspaper for the students at the university (well, plus a radio station).

This week we set a new record, as we managed to get in:

– an endorsement of two candidates for the board of the university (representing faculty), signed by me:

– two letters to the editor, each written by one of our MPs:

And two news stories about causes we are strongly involved in:

In addition we were mentioned briefly in at least two other pieces. And of cause they put me and Benjamin (another MP who is quite strongly involved) on the funny page:

Now if only we could change the world as well… 🙂

PS: it was brought to my attention that this might look as we’re not about anything but to get in the media. Well, yes it’s part of our strategy, but with a strategy you tend to want to achieve a goal – which in our case is not to get into the student newspaper but rather, boradly speaking, is about changing the world into a more progressive direction.

fixing a bike in the dark

OK OK, so I was lying. I didn’t fix it in the dark. First of all, I took the wheel inside once I had removed it from the rest of the bike, and secondly, it’s still not fixed!

Well, it all started with me visiting a friend a few days back, who was so kind to give me his old mobile. See, I had not planned for another mobile and budgeting is a rather tight matter these days.
On my way back to the inner city, one of my bicycle tires went flat – luckily not before I was within crawling distance of my student house. However, also time is budgetted tightly right now, so I had to leave the bike there – locked, but unusable, and instead walk to the university every day. Now you might think that the 30/40 minutes walk each direction easily should match the amount of time spend on fixing the tire – but what you’re forgetting is that every day was planned from morning to evening, and there was no hole of a few hours that I could spend buying another tube, replacing the old one, and getting air from somewhere.
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Come on Baby light my fire!… A new fire up and ahead?

It is not many weeks ago that I complained about the way I look like this 1968-alike dinosaur among my fellow students all of who have no relation to the protests in Prague (2000), Nice, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, etc. which have been so defining for quite a few of us.

Fire in the woods - hmmm summer.....
Fire in the woods – hmmm summer…..

But suddenly the crises of the system seems to be there again-or at least the outskirts of it: in the US, more than half of Americans believe that the President is lying. The summit in Argentina that lasted up until yesterday, which was supposed to set up the establishment of an All-American free trade zone, ended with Bush leaving early with no result coming out of it, and Maradona calling him “human waste”, while president Chavez of Venezuela just calls him “Mr. Danger” – when he is not either on the phone with Mr. Castro or citing some famous socialist revolutionary.

But that is not it – read on for my examples of how the world is sliding into another revolutionary epoch… 😉
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Telecrapper 2000 & other pranks

Ok, I admit it, this one is _old_… but hose of you who haven’t listened to it yet, you really should. The Telecrapper 2000 is an invention which will let a computer answer calls from telemarketers – by playing a loop of little sound bites of speech and listening for breaks in the telemarketers efforts where these might be applicable.
Now the cool thing is that they actually put out real sample recordings of the machine speaking to real telemarketers! You really need to listen to examples 5, 12a1 and 12a2

It really shows what telemarketing does to you – probably one of the activities that comes closest to prostitution in our capitalist society…

Which brings me to the follwoign “funny item”: I noticed today that someone from the Marishi University of Management has been visiting my site recently. Never heard about them? On their site they describe they describe themselves:

All students and faculty practice a simple, natural procedure — the Transcendental Meditation® technique. Extensive published research has found that this technique optimizes brain functioning, dissolves stress, and improves learning ability. The daily experience of transcendental consciousness strengthens the brain circuits that integrate expanded awareness with the ability to focus sharply. This is called total brain functioning.

So now you might be thinking that this can’t possibly be a respected university, but think again:

The University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

And not enough about that:

95% of the University’s students receive Federal, State of Iowa, and/or other forms of financial aid. The typical award for U.S. students covers 80–90% of the tuition and fees.

tsss, tsss. What a Halloween!