High flying crap

Ah, seems like I have become a hate object for some!

Here is what one guy send to Universitas through his mobile:

Forsøkte å lese kronikken til wilm. 1/3 sa hvorfor han skrev den 1/3 presenterte kandidater 1/3 ??? Noe om frihet, markedsfundamentalisme og inndeling etter politisk ståsted. Hvis han søker å engasjere bør han skrive norsk og ikke retardert. Maken til intetsigende svevende fjas! Får han stipend? Anonym

which renders to something like:

Tried reading Wilm’s “kronikk” (a sort of long extended letter to the editor). 1/3 he wrote why he chose to srite, 13 he presented the candidates, 1/3 ??? Something about freedom, market fundamentalism and divisions according to political standpoint. If he’strying to activate people, he should write Norwegian and not retarded. Pure contentless flying crap! Does he get a stipend?

Well, the writer is probably right that it looks a bit like what any politician would write in wording, etc.- but to my defense I’d say that I actually came up with arguments why one should vote for those candidates I endorsed based on their political plattforms.

But anyways, I support any effort to dethrone figures of seeming authority, and so I can only say: more power to you!

Juh! (Sydslesvigian scream pronouned “yooh” which means “and the world continues turning… go on, give us more mono-national hell, we’ve had so much we’ll survive some more as well!”)

One thought on “High flying crap”

  1. Well, it seems like you have missed the point entirely.. You don’t write lika politican, but like a retarded asswipe that never got trough kindergarden, but knowing how pretensious you are, you’ll never realize this..

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