Come on Baby light my fire!… A new fire up and ahead?

It is not many weeks ago that I complained about the way I look like this 1968-alike dinosaur among my fellow students all of who have no relation to the protests in Prague (2000), Nice, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, etc. which have been so defining for quite a few of us.

Fire in the woods - hmmm summer.....
Fire in the woods – hmmm summer…..

But suddenly the crises of the system seems to be there again-or at least the outskirts of it: in the US, more than half of Americans believe that the President is lying. The summit in Argentina that lasted up until yesterday, which was supposed to set up the establishment of an All-American free trade zone, ended with Bush leaving early with no result coming out of it, and Maradona calling him “human waste”, while president Chavez of Venezuela just calls him “Mr. Danger” – when he is not either on the phone with Mr. Castro or citing some famous socialist revolutionary.

But that is not it – read on for my examples of how the world is sliding into another revolutionary epoch… 😉

Staying in the US, Arnold seems to have a hard time with the unions with his plane of giving tenure only after five years (instead of two) to California teachers and depoliticizing the unions in general.

In Paris we have the uprising of young jobless people that are sick and tired of the apparent racism of the police, but that seem to not stop there as they have moved further into the center of Paris tonight.

In Germany you have, as reported here earlier, the “big coalition” of completely washed out and faceless social democrats. Now that project has been going on for a few weeks, and they still have not finished all their talks and the chaos is still all over the place – all one can know for sure is that the government will be a government right from hell with more on more cutbacks, and already they have announced that they will cut back even more on the Hartz IV program (a program instituted by Chancellor Schröder that did away with a bunch of social services and send tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people far below the poverty line). The Linkspartei seems to profit from it, and although many of its leaders really would like to be reformist, they can’t help the fact that they have been put into the position of having to argue fundamentally against the system itself with no party cooperating with them whatsoever.

Here in Norway, we just got the Red-Green government, and I had thought that they wouldn’t do too much bad (nor too much good either though), but now it seems that they are about to send three F-16 planes to Afghanistan. The first protest against the new government will be on Wednesday morning, and already has the university chapter of SV joined the protesters.

So hey, maybe after all the fire is just about to light up again – and once again we have the chance to change the world for good! If that really is so, lets make sure that we have learned our lesson from last time and not end up with us all going into esoterics…

well anyways, I just thought that might be a possibility. I have been sitting here, writing for the past few days, in stead of going to Denmark the way I had planned. It probably was a good decision though – I really needed to spend some more time on my thesis. And I finished my internship (is it really what you call it?) at the high school last Friday, and somehow I am totally mellow and have a great time concentrating on writing, reading and rewriting before I reread… and doing things like setting journals and writing letters to the editor or writing in here. Well, so I probably should go back to the thesis now!

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