Telecrapper 2000 & other pranks

Ok, I admit it, this one is _old_… but hose of you who haven’t listened to it yet, you really should. The Telecrapper 2000 is an invention which will let a computer answer calls from telemarketers – by playing a loop of little sound bites of speech and listening for breaks in the telemarketers efforts where these might be applicable.
Now the cool thing is that they actually put out real sample recordings of the machine speaking to real telemarketers! You really need to listen to examples 5, 12a1 and 12a2

It really shows what telemarketing does to you – probably one of the activities that comes closest to prostitution in our capitalist society…

Which brings me to the follwoign “funny item”: I noticed today that someone from the Marishi University of Management has been visiting my site recently. Never heard about them? On their site they describe they describe themselves:

All students and faculty practice a simple, natural procedure — the Transcendental Meditation┬« technique. Extensive published research has found that this technique optimizes brain functioning, dissolves stress, and improves learning ability. The daily experience of transcendental consciousness strengthens the brain circuits that integrate expanded awareness with the ability to focus sharply. This is called total brain functioning.

So now you might be thinking that this can’t possibly be a respected university, but think again:

The University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

And not enough about that:

95% of the University’s students receive Federal, State of Iowa, and/or other forms of financial aid. The typical award for U.S. students covers 80–90% of the tuition and fees.

tsss, tsss. What a Halloween!

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