The Left Alliance grasping for media attention

For those that don’t know t yet: The Left Alliance is a student party which we started last spring and ran for seats in the student parlament. We are the smallest of all parties with our 9 MPs, but that does not hinder us in being the most active.
Now one branch of our strategy is to try to seek media attention around some of our main causes – and that can turn out quite funny as we only have one newspaper for the students at the university (well, plus a radio station).

This week we set a new record, as we managed to get in:

– an endorsement of two candidates for the board of the university (representing faculty), signed by me:

– two letters to the editor, each written by one of our MPs:

And two news stories about causes we are strongly involved in:

In addition we were mentioned briefly in at least two other pieces. And of cause they put me and Benjamin (another MP who is quite strongly involved) on the funny page:

Now if only we could change the world as well… 🙂

PS: it was brought to my attention that this might look as we’re not about anything but to get in the media. Well, yes it’s part of our strategy, but with a strategy you tend to want to achieve a goal – which in our case is not to get into the student newspaper but rather, boradly speaking, is about changing the world into a more progressive direction.

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