Honduras trailer

I went to Honduras for a few days, and so now here is the trailer. I’ve been incredibly busy lately, but please let me know if you have further suggestions, can offer me free music rights, etc.

Update: in the media:

Radio Bemba: Y sin embargo se mueve Sep 30 (last few minutes): low/high

Radio Puente Sur: Entrevista con Johannes Wilm, Director del documental La Joven Revolución Hondureña

Monthly Review Zine: The Young Honduran Revolution

Junge Welt: »Auch Unpolitische fühlen jetzt, was eine Diktatur ist« (Michael Böhmer und Johannes Wilm)

Posters for opening in Nicaragua:

Cinemateca Nacional 12 de Septiembre 2009, 6pm, GRATIS

Article in El Nuevo Diario about opening at Cinemateca Nacional (almost everything correct):

September 10, 2009