Who really helps Haiti?

After listening to a lot of debates lately on who should give more and who has given a lot to the earth quake effort in Haiti, I decided to do some number crunching myself. Arguments such as “Denmark only gives 10 million, but it should give 50 million Danish Kr.” make little sense if one has nothing to compare it to. This overview excludes all help that is not given in the form of money and or that does not come from a country. Also, in case aid has not been listed on Wikipedia yet, or in case aid that was promised and never materializes, it will skew the picture on this overview as well. I may try to update it a few times, but can not guarantee that it represents an accurate reflection on what is being listed on the corresponding Wikipedia page at all times.

If you want the Open Office spreadsheet file I used to create this image or want to send in corrections, please use the above email.

Status 25th of January 2010:

Brazil gives twice as much as the US in total amount of support

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