Why Ello.co is a bad idea

5 years is a long time in terms of the internet.
Let’s assume that you have been on the it during this period. Chances are quite high that you are on Facebook together with the other 1.32 Billion monthly users. Chances are also that you have followed the issues of online privacy related to the NSA spying scandal.

Ello Noise view -- is mostly noise...
Ello Noise view — is really just mostly noise with few working functions…

For more than a year it is therefore understandable that a growing part of the wider public has begun to think about alternatives to publishing all their personal details on Facebook.

However, it is rather surprising that suddenly Ello.co is celebrated as the great alternative to Facebook. So far what is known about Ello is that:

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Is protection against online surveillance possible?

After the spying scandals of NSA and their European partner organizations, the question of how to product oneself and who to protect oneself from has become a primary concern for more than just IT experts. In the below interview with Seth Schoen of the Electronic Frontier Foundation tries to enlighten the reader about the possibilities and limits we are all facing. The interview was originally published in Norwegian on the site  Radikal Portal.

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