hmm, I worte earlier this summer that my Norwegian sumemr would be over. While that turned out not quite to be the case back then, by now it definitely has. While one could walk aorund with just a T and a pair of short as recent as last week end and be completely comfortable, at this time, wearing short sleeves and no jacket is probably more something of a statement, or a sign of a hope for summer to return once more, rather than appropriate clothing.

But what will fall bring? Well, elections, both here and in Germany. But elections and politics are not everything. I wonder what more, other than rain, I can expect coming up. And how is one to make fall a tiem to look forward to?
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going camping…

Ok, so now at semester start there is this student parlament thing comming up. First thing is a stay at a hotel to decide upon a paper that, quite frankly, does not really have all that much contents, and more importantly, really won’t have much of any effect. Now for that, they’re planning on spending the weekend at a hotel with whirl and swimming pool outside of town – listening to speeches of themselves and various other people that are important enough to wear ties. And they’re all really concerned about it all working out well, and everybody being friend across political fractions etc.; it’s ridiculous.
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Douglas Dispatch

Ever been bothered by your local “yellow press” – just making headlines out of nothing? Well, meet the Douglas Dispatch, where everything is a bit different. It’s the newspaper of the 12000-people village I did my field work on. It’s right in the border to Mexico, and it’s brand mark is really that it’s just filled with crime of any sort imaginable (much of it though ‘white crimes’ or within families). Now most of the people there are really nice, and they have this common project of making Douglas look really nice. That is why the top story of the Dispatch today is:

Wal-Mart has donated a Pioneer HDTV Projection Monitor television set to the Southeast Arizona Medical Center to be used as a prize at their Silent Auction to be held October 22 at Club 3000. […]

Then, under that, with small types you can find the following story (on the web page as a link)…

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oil profits

Want to know a secret about me that even I had no clue of? I got a tip on this comment on Indymedia:

Det går rykter på børsen om at økonomiansvarlig i Blindern Fred og Johannes Wilm har lånt og solgt DNO aksjer (shortet) for å proffitere økonomisk på offensiven mot det irakiske folk.

(ENG: there are rumours on the stock market that the economically responsibel in the Blindern Fred (name of organization) and Johannes Wilm have been borrowing and sold DNO shares (shorting) in order to profit economically on the offensive against the Iraqi people.)

It’s several months old, but I only got tipped on it today. Det norske Oljeselskap (DNO) was the first Norwegian company that went into Iraq publically this spring. The thing is that it was us from Blindern Fred that occupied their office after that, and a few days later it was also us who revealed that a whole range of other companies had chosen to attend a meeting by the Norwegian foreign ministery on “possibilities on investing in Iraq” – amongst them such companies as Hydro and Statoil.

I guess that makes some of those questions on why we in Blindern Fred “are so rich”, that I got this spring explainable…

reforming the time systems?

In these times of constant reform, one might wonder we nobody seems to try to reform the time system that we have had for seemingly ever. And now I’m not talking about how the various units are divided up, but rather the fact that they are divided up at all – or at least that they are divided up in a very static and regular manner. Now I have thought of two different time systems that we could employ: the people-centered time system (PCTS)and the capitalism friendly time system (CFTS).
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German elections and Iran

The NY Times talks
about Schröder saying that there will be no military intervention with
German participation:

http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/16/international/europe/16germany.html?hp .

The most important part in the article though is what it doesn’t mention:
all parties currently in parliament, including the opposition, say that
they rule out the military option in the case of Iran. I can’t find this
anywhere in the international press, but here it is in Der Spiegel:

http://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/0,1518,369874,00.html .

my neighboor is incomprehensible

ok, so this is my neighboor:
– a student (doo, it’s a student house)
– brown hair
– studies media science
– had a number of social gatherings in her room earlier this summer
– likes to stay in her room forever
– watches downloaded sitcoms on her laptop
– very clean, but tends to forget to remvoe her hair after showering
– owns a set of knives and a microwave
– knows how to use a wok

… and then she has been living there since June or so (at least two months now) and I know not much else…
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The USAification of the University is absolute… back to school anno 2006

OK, so this my 6th consecutive summer that ends with picking up the books and starting university. However, this time it’s different. First of all, I really don’t need to go there anymore, so the pressure is a lot lower. But secondly, “school start” has changed quite a bit the last few years, and this year the USAification seems to be perfect.
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Love’s gone by

oh well, so I am back once more, and the internet still is there. Actually I have been for a couple fo days, but I hadn’t really managed to settle in, and I was waiting for an article in the German Die Zeit on the Solid camp as the reporter spend a considerable amount of time trying to get into the details of my background. Now I wanted to link to it as Die Zeit comes out every Thursday. Well I haven’t found it yet online, and I don’t think the paper issue has arrived in Oslo yet, so I really don’t know how it went. It’s one of the first times that Solid has made it into Federal West German news, so I sure hope we’re doing good. The Norwegian Dagbladet also had a small interview with a couple of us on doing extra-curricular activities in an extra section on education, and that went ok. But then again, the Norwegian press tends to be quite a bit better than the Central European press.
Now summer is definetely over, and the Solid camp once again proved to be quite an experience.
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