Western media don’t like competition?

US and UK media seem a bit envious that suddenly Russian media gets to play in the same league as them in terms of global opinion shaping. They don’t seem to be able to agree on any points of content except that they don’t like what is going on. Take the following two excerpts for example:

"On his talk show Mr. Assange was a little stiff but sounded rational, didn’t talk much about himself and asked Mr. Nasrallah some tough questions about Hezbollah’s support for President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. He even cited reports, found by WikiLeaks, that suggested corruption and high living among some members of Hezbollah."


"But Assange’s debut interview wasn’t quite the incendiary event that Russia Today had promised. The questions were clearly agreed in advance. Some were softball, others fawning, with Nasrallah’s answers unchallenged."
The TV Watch: Julian Assange Starts Talk Show on Russian TV on Nytimes

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