Can we NOW remove the name of of AP Møller?

Danish oligarch Møller has died — and everybody from queen to leader of the social democrats feels the need to say what a great human being he was. Somehow I cannot remember anything similar happening when a labor union leader trying to organize Møller’s company was killed under mysterious circumstances in El Salvador a few years. Møller decided to sponsor a school to the Danish minority in Germany a few years ago. The school association then decided to give it the name of Møller’s father, "A.P. Møller", who had made the company big. Any criticism that Møller had made his fortune in part by selling weapons to the nazis and in more recent years by having an extra-ordinarily good deal on pumping up the Danish oil was swept under the carpet. Now that Møller Jr. is gone, can we maybe get to talk about changing the name of the school again? How much longer do the Danes of northern Germany want to be associated with nazi weapon production?
Change the name of A.P. Møller-skolen | Johannes Wilm’s World on Johanneswilm

This is a campaign I started a little over a month ago. And yes, I happened to take the initiative, but the fact that the name wasn’t very well chosen was something many people had been thinking about before. Basically, it’s this Danish company t…

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