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I went to Honduras for a few days, and so now here is the trailer. I’ve been incredibly busy lately, but please let me know if you have further suggestions, can offer me free music rights, etc.

Update: in the media:

Radio Bemba: Y sin embargo se mueve Sep 30 (last few minutes): low/high

Radio Puente Sur: Entrevista con Johannes Wilm, Director del documental La Joven Revolución Hondureña

Monthly Review Zine: The Young Honduran Revolution

Junge Welt: »Auch Unpolitische fühlen jetzt, was eine Diktatur ist« (Michael Böhmer und Johannes Wilm)

Posters for opening in Nicaragua:

Cinemateca Nacional 12 de Septiembre 2009, 6pm, GRATIS

Article in El Nuevo Diario about opening at Cinemateca Nacional (almost everything correct):

September 10, 2009

7 thoughts on “Honduras trailer”

  1. Soy un hondureño mas que apoya la lucha del Frente contra el golpe de estado y he visto el trailer de tu documental, muy bueno la verdad, quisiera aconsejarte que trates de volver a Honduras y te entrevistes con los Copinhnes una organizacion indigena ellos te pueden servir muchisimo para tu documental http://www.copinh.org

  2. I saw the trailer, let us know when you get the work done, you can find some of the music that has become popular after the coup on my site, I can not offer you rigths but most of it is already offered for free on radio stations that are also together with the people in this quest.
    You can also contact RadioProgreso radioprogresohn.com (if not already) they should be able to help.

  3. Hi Johannes. I saw the trailer; it was really good. I was wondering if you’re interested on an interview about your experience in Honduras. It’s for a community radio in northwest Mexico, Radio Bemba 95.5 FM (http://www.radiobemba.org).

    I added in Facebook if you want to contact me.

    Take care,

  4. has yenido algun avance en documental?

    Donde puedo conseguir el tema( Cancion) que usas en el trailer, para agregarla a la coleccion de musica de la resistencia?

    Por cierto pueden obtener mas musica de la resistencia en mis sitio.

  5. @Ronny: the torrent is a free offer, and s it has to rely on volunteers offering their PC time and bandwidth to seed it. At times there can be some days during which they are not able to do that.

    But the disc only costs 84kr, including shipping to Norway. So there are ways of getting it.

  6. Wait – It’s possible to buy movies??? What’s next? Buying music???? Crazy world man!

    Jokes aside. I promise to seed for a while after I have DL the torrent. I’d rather donate you some money after the DL than contribute to shipping&pollution&capitalism 🙂

    Send me your norwegian accont nr. and I’ll give you 50 kr 🙂

    Great work btw. Keep it up!

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