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Against the expulsion of Erlin and Kely from the Honduran Pedagogical University!

At the end of April, I passed through Tegucigalpa, Honduras and spoke there with Kely Estefanie Nuñez and Erlin Guitierrez. Both are activists of the “Socialist Student Front” (FES), a group that emerged after the military coup in 2009 in the second public university, the National Pedagogical University Francisco Morazan (UPNFM). The FES has been one of the most active groups at the university since then.

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Honduras, 2 years after the coup

Ever since I left Honduras to tour Europe with my footage of the protesters in August 2009, I have felt quite a weird connection to that country — even though I had only been there a few days, I felt like I was somehow responsible for spreading the knowledge about what was happening there. At the same time, I was quite afraid of returning to Honduras. When this year de-throned present José Manuel Zelaya Rosales was allowed to return, I thought it should be safe enough now. I created a series of mini videos, each representing an interview with a Honduran activist about how they see things now. Unfortunately the interviews will only be available in Spanish.

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DVD “The Young Honduran Revolution” available for only USD10.99 as a DVD or as a free download

The Young Honduran Revolution - the DVD

Finally the DVD of the Documentary on Honduras “The Young Honduran Revolution” is available to be bought online for only USD10.99 (+shipping). The money recovered thereby will go towards recovering some of the costs I’ve run into traveling around and showing it around in the United States and Mexico.

Th DVD can be shipped to most destinations world wide, with the exception of Central America (how ironic).

Click here to buy!

Prices are, including shipping (*):

US USD14.99
Norway 84kr
Denmark 75kr
Euro-zone Euro 10

*) The final price is calculated in USD. All other prices will vary with the change in value of the USD.

An interview about the documentary with TeleMax of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (in Spanish):

Also, listen to this interview on Radio Nicaragua with some members of the Juventud Sandinista:


Honduras trailer

I went to Honduras for a few days, and so now here is the trailer. I’ve been incredibly busy lately, but please let me know if you have further suggestions, can offer me free music rights, etc.

Update: in the media:

Radio Bemba: Y sin embargo se mueve Sep 30 (last few minutes): low/high

Radio Puente Sur: Entrevista con Johannes Wilm, Director del documental La Joven Revolución Hondureña

Monthly Review Zine: The Young Honduran Revolution

Junge Welt: »Auch Unpolitische fühlen jetzt, was eine Diktatur ist« (Michael Böhmer und Johannes Wilm)

Posters for opening in Nicaragua:

Cinemateca Nacional 12 de Septiembre 2009, 6pm, GRATIS

Article in El Nuevo Diario about opening at Cinemateca Nacional (almost everything correct):

September 10, 2009

President Zelaya has not violated the constitution

Hey, I am currently in Berlin on a minor holiday away from Central America, and then this stuff happens! I phoned the Honduran embassy here, but they were not quite sure which side they were on yet, and the Nicaraguan embassy asked me if I could try to help them get their statements out to the big media.

I do not particularly care about the legal situation much more than many other aspects of this, but the reporting on this has been equal also in many other European countries, and so I thought I would translate and repost this Norwegian response to the allegations that are made:

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