La Joven Revolución Hondureña available online!

Update: The online version now includes subtitles in English!

Finally, after the premier on Saturday in the Cinemateca Nacional of Nicaragua the final version is available online. This version has a length of 90 minutes.

There is also DVD image and various downloadable versions available from here.

A shorter version will be used on September 28th in front of all the embassies of Honduras in Latin America when the radio network Puente Sur arranges convocations against the military coup.


Posters for the 28th of September including advertisement for the documentary:

28th of September 2009, all across Latin America

28th of September 2009, Ecuador

<%image(20090926-sep28-republica_dominica.jpg|794|1123|28th of September 2009, Dominican Republic)%>
28th of September 2009, Dominican Republic

9 thoughts on “La Joven Revolución Hondureña available online!”

  1. hola, soy Hondureño, resisto al golpe de estado con ideales y quiero agradecerte por tu trabajo, Gracias de todo corazon, gracias en nombre de mi amado pais Honduras, gracias y de hoy en adelante no te presentes mas como un europeo, o como un revolucioinario del mundo, de hoy en adelante presentate como lo que sos "Nuestro Hermano"
    viva Honduras,
    Viva la Revolucion

  2. You sir, should be ashamed of yourself! Riding this revolutionary wave. You are doing this for your own purpose. You don`t really care. You probably just seek fame. These people fighting in the streets and you there with your camara just waiting to become famous. You pseudo-anthropologist. I bet you wish there were more fighting so you could be there and capture it with your little toy camera.

  3. Me gusta tu forma de ser un tipico chele-izquierdista surfeando en ideas preconcebidas y las caricaturas!
    Despierta y apaga la musica de Manu Chao que suena en tus audífonos!

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