Social Anthropological Yearbook 2005

It took quite a while, and it used up quite a bit of my summer this year. But now it is out: The Norwegian Social Anthropological Yearbook 2005!

Besides trying to teach poetry analysis and US history to a 12th grade, trying to finish my master thesis before November 15th, producing a bunch of mid-term papers, engaging in minor political struggles on institute and university level as well as planning for those on an even higher level, helping to get the distribution of this book going has been my main occupation lately. I personally have contributed with a few months of setting plus one article which tries to compare Douglas and Flensburg in a Marxist analysis, and then there are twenty other articles from all over the country (and yes, they’re all a lot better than mine, but nobody dares say anything cause they’re afraid to loose their setter for next year’s edition)! So please, go on and buy it (click on it)! It’s only 100 NOK for those of you who are are in Oslo (you can get it at the institute office), but we’ll send it anywhere if only you pay the postage. We have already received orders the anthropological institutes from the universities of Bergen, Oslo and Copenhagen, so hey, we’re important. 😛

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