Olaf Hansen, your dog misses you!

Olaf Hansen's dog? It's really my parent's Rita!
Olaf Hansen’s dog? It’s really my parent’s Rita!

As some of you probably know, we just got a new government in Norway, and so now the “Socialist Left Party” is part of the government. While they held talks, we were a few that did some theatric action around the place where they were talking (seepost a few days ago).

Well, now they are finished talking and have released a new plan for the Norwegian part of the occupation force in Iraq. The plan is now to leave a grand total of 1 soldier in Iraq. Yes, you read correctly, there will be a Norwegian occupation force of ONE (O-N-E) soldier in Iraq!

Now, this is ridiculous, and of course it’s meant to be just too little for anybody in Norway getting mad at it, while Bush can still list Norway as a supporter on his “war on terror” in Iraq.

Now what should we do about it?

My proposal is the following: lets really zoom in on this guy (“Olaf Hansen” or whatever his name might be). You thought politics had turned into huge media shows around single individuals lately? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet! For the next demonstration we should have found out what his name is, and then all we need is a picture of his dog that we put on a huge poster saying “Olaf Hansen, your dog misses you!”

And why stop there? We could invite the media to his mother’s 70 years birthday, which he, unfortunately, couldn’t attend cause he had to go shooting dark skinned people in Iraq. And on front of the major two yellow press papers you could have “his” empty chair in the foreground and his mother blowing out the candles in the background. Or what about his 4th grade girl friend? We should drag her out on morning television, and have her start sobbing and crying and talk about how she never could forget Olaf (although she has three kids and has been married for 10 years with another guy) and how he is a real harmless and caring person, that just started hanging with the wrong crowd (at the beginning of fifth grade). And the we can have a live satelite transmission from the fake living room in the studio to Olaf in Iraq as he is lying somewhere in the ditch with an AG4-CS and how he simultaneously has to calm down his ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-girlfriend in Norway and defend freedom and democracy in Iraq by shooting them bastard 9 year olds that try to get across the road (presumably on their way to school or some other place that terrorists like to go).

Oh well, unfortunately Norwegians don’t get that emotional – especially not on TV. And as far as I know Norwegian security regulations, he is probably not allowed to bear arms either, so we can probably forget about that second part. But we are going to do the dog! If we get the name and the picture, of course.

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