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Want to know a secret about me that even I had no clue of? I got a tip on this comment on Indymedia:

Det går rykter på børsen om at økonomiansvarlig i Blindern Fred og Johannes Wilm har lånt og solgt DNO aksjer (shortet) for å proffitere økonomisk på offensiven mot det irakiske folk.

(ENG: there are rumours on the stock market that the economically responsibel in the Blindern Fred (name of organization) and Johannes Wilm have been borrowing and sold DNO shares (shorting) in order to profit economically on the offensive against the Iraqi people.)

It’s several months old, but I only got tipped on it today. Det norske Oljeselskap (DNO) was the first Norwegian company that went into Iraq publically this spring. The thing is that it was us from Blindern Fred that occupied their office after that, and a few days later it was also us who revealed that a whole range of other companies had chosen to attend a meeting by the Norwegian foreign ministery on “possibilities on investing in Iraq” – amongst them such companies as Hydro and Statoil.

I guess that makes some of those questions on why we in Blindern Fred “are so rich”, that I got this spring explainable…

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