Douglas calling

Ok, so we had one last day of sumemr today, so I used the chance to consume the last soft ice this summer. But now we’re going for the cold and dark time of the year… and Douglas is calling.

Ever since that head line in the Douglas Dispatch two days ago, I could stop thinking about Douglas. It’s the transparent and transient insanity that is connected to the place; the people and my connection to them and the way one can make further connections – all fitting into a pattern and all being just parts of networks that one seemingly always can fit new aquantances in to quite easily.

In Douglas things are so much more real. while we here in Norway discuss on a very symbolic level, and actions that are being critizised are usually completely symbolic, with no real material consequences (pretended revolutions in a park, givign out flyers, having a muslim-bron woman show her ass to the camera, a conservative culture minister kissing a woman, etc.). In douglas, things are different; people shoot oneanother, people sneak physically oeer the borde and if they are arrested they are send back, people apply for social security and try to trick the system byt cashing in on both scial security and smugling… It’s wonderful.

Now I finally caught one of my female informants on MSN, and it was so nice hearing from over there again. She hadn’t even read the story from the Dispatch, so I had to tell her. But then she dares use this elaborated, poetic language in describing the shift from summer to fall, that is happening there simultaneously as here. Now if your’ USAnian, that porbbaly seems normal to you, but it sure is not what is normal for Oslo, Norway…

Oh well, i have to check how my holidays are scheduled this year, but I definetely would love to visit Douglas once more, as I feel that it’s not only me missing Douglas, but also douglas missing me.

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