hmm, I worte earlier this summer that my Norwegian sumemr would be over. While that turned out not quite to be the case back then, by now it definitely has. While one could walk aorund with just a T and a pair of short as recent as last week end and be completely comfortable, at this time, wearing short sleeves and no jacket is probably more something of a statement, or a sign of a hope for summer to return once more, rather than appropriate clothing.

But what will fall bring? Well, elections, both here and in Germany. But elections and politics are not everything. I wonder what more, other than rain, I can expect coming up. And how is one to make fall a tiem to look forward to?

Actually, I have enjoyed walkin around in the rain for the last few days. Rain can be nice, and upon the advice of my co-students from American studies, I have admited myself to be somewhat more concerned with pop culture – and Dawson’s Creek just comes to mind when I think of fall. Two years ago, I watched that all fall in the common room of the student house I lived at back then. We discussed quite a bit – and totally non-political as well, of course. We were sort of the three freaks that didn’t have our own TV in the student house of a few hundred (I believe). There was also a guy, but he didn’t ever watch these things. Oh, how time goes by…
Last fall I then tried to just push as much activity into my schedule as humanly possibly so I wouldn’t have the problem of having to contemplate about the weather and everything else; again according to one guy I use as a reference quite extensively, boys are more interested in getting together during fall, while girls are mostly interested during spring. Well besides not being in the mood, nor having the energy for looking for anyone anyways for quite a while to come, also the option is not there for a long long time. And then again, calculating like that takes of course the individual character of love encounters out of the whole thing. One might actually wonder whether the same rules applied before people got all these concepts of “MTV spring break” (wild parties, Florida, beach, synchronic dancing to music from the top 10, etc.) and “spring love” put in their heads by the media. Or in other words: is theversion that the media presents us just a peverted version of some “real” connection between the vague categories “love” and “spring”? Or is the connection not there? Or are the pre-capitalist concepts of “love” also already perverted models of an even earlier version? Or are we moving ever clsoer to “true love”.

Well, we’re far away from fall by now, but I guess you can figure out what I’m concerned about right now.

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