Is there a future for the Red Electoral Alliance (RV) in Norway?

That is the theme of the just published issue of Kontur Debatt that I spent most of last night to prepare — download it at
In Norway, just like in Denmark there is one reformist socialist party and one revolutionary socialist party (in addition to the social democratic parties of course). While in Denmark the Red Green Alliance (Enhedslisten) has been sitting in the national parliament for many years, the Norwegian sister party does not seem to have been going anywhere for a long time. Partially this is simply due to different election laws, which favor small, urban parties in Denmark, while they do not in Norway. also the reformist socialist party in Denmark is quite a bit more hopeless than the Norwegian counterpart (for example, the Dansih Socialist People’s Party (SF) was FOR the very neo-liberal and pro-war EU constitution. But another part of it is the general direction the two revolutionary parties have: while the Danish party has left all references to the Soviet Union and Mao’s China, the quasi-Maoist fraction in the Norwegian sister party is still going strong.
Now the Norwegain revolutionary party will have its national convention this weekend, and many have been hopeful that the will be able to remove themselves entirely from the ideological left-overs of Stalinism. Unfortunately, rumors have it that the ex/quasi-Maoist fraction (AKP is officially organized as a party within the party) have managed ot accumulate at least 50 of the 120 delegates for the convention. In this issue of Kontur Debatt we will try to give to those party members who are not affiliated with AKP.

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