My neighbor…

has been real nice to me lately. About two weeks ago I send her a two page letter. Or rather I left it on the kitchen counter after cleaning both bathroom and kitchen real throroughly (thought I had wirtten about that). I basically said that I feel we have a weird relationship as we don’t ever talk and then I explained how I had been cornering my previous neighbors and how it was so much easier cause they usually either were guys or had boy friends that I could corner. But neither applies to her, and that’s why it’s so hard to get into contact with her without it looking weird or as if I was up to something completely different.

I put the letter there in the eveing, and it was gone in the morning. Since then she has been really ok. Like today she was making food and all my crap was still floating all over the kitchen. And she didn’t say a thing! Well, she wouldn’t have before either, but she would have made it clear by the way she would look at me and move around the room that she would be really irritated.

However, we still don’t really talk. But when she says “hey” she has started to drag the word out – like “heeyyyyy!”. Before, she’d only give a sharp “hi,” and only when talked to. Now one can actually hear what kind of mood she is in, or at least i think I can hear it.

Also I think she seems to be totally up for talking even more – if only I would start. But I used parts of the letter sayng that I wouldn’t pressure her into talking, and so I’m not going to do tat. Although it’s such a petty! I just hope she gets exchanged with some male foreigner pretty soon.

And even now, although we don’t talk, when I hear her moving around the kitchen I feel comfort in the thought that she would be there if anything were to happen to my right now. All I’d have to do is scream real loud, and she’d feelobliged to check on me. I am not alone, and therefore I am 🙂

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