On the Margins, 2nd edition

After months of proofreading and editing, the second edition of On the Margins” is finally available at lulu.com. Online stores should be updating their version within a few days. Strangely, this comes somewhat synchronously with me leaving Douglas once more after having spent the last few weeks here. Douglas is still a site of much (personal) drama which also I have a hard time staying away from, at the same time as it seems to exist somewhat independently of time and space around it. Besides having grammar fascists and people unfamiliar with Marxist theory run through the book again and again until they could not find any more unclear passages (thanks, Edwin M. Basye!) , also some of the names have been changed in order for them to be more realistic, and new pictures have been added (by filling out white space and not adding any extra pages at all).

the border, version two, and me
the border, version two, and me

Also, it seems like there is a whole genre of books on scandals in Douglas. One of the recent books is The Reaper’s Line, which, according to those supporting it, reveals quite a bit of the corruption that is going on in Douglas. The author Lee Morgan is a former drug enforcement agent and his language (goddam, fuck, …) reveals that he tries to be a real redneck. The interesting part is that he is naming all the various people he is accusing of being corrupt. Other Douglasites however claim to have been present during some of the instances he describes and they say that since the description of those have little to do with reality, they doubt that the rest holds much water either.

The Reaper's Line -- truth or fiction?
The Reaper’s Line — truth or fiction?

One argument I’ve heard against Morgan even seems to originate in the Scandinavian cultural conduct code “janteloven”: He thinks he is somebody, and that they’ll put him on all the TV shows… whereas really “all of us” (that is all Douglasites + me) really do not matter to the world.

“In Douglas live the most beautiful women in the state,” one Tucsoniantold me some years ago, and others have confirmed that it is a common conception. And the third book is called Beyond Betrayal — One woman’s journey through infidelity and can, to my knowledge only be bought at the Gadsden Hotel in downtown Douglas. In it a seemingly nymphomanic former school teacher describes her various sex escapades in Douglas. “She looked real attractive and so everybody wanted a piece of her,” one Douglasite tells me — and seemingly they all got what they wanted. Her husband decided to get involved with a girl in Agua Prieta though, and although they have moved far away by now, it is said that he still comes down here to see her.

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