“Super student” – minor corrections…

For those who have read the article on “Super Students” in Universitas (university newspaper of the University of Oslo) here is one minor correction:

Update: another thing is that I never was the (national) leder of the Pedagogy Students. The only thing I have ever been was the leader of the University of Oslo chapter of the Pedagogy Students.

In the article it says I had to take 115 ECTS points (SP) one semester (you are supposed to take no less and no more than exactly 30SP every semester) because I had failed all courses the first two years and therefore I had to take courses corresponding to about two years simultaneously so I wouldn’t loose my Danish student stipend.

While it is correct that I failed a lot of courses during my first two years, this is not really the reason.

If you look at my record it is something like:

Fall 2000:
Fail Ex.Phil (15SP)
Pass Ex.Fac (15SP)

Spring 2001:
Fail Ex.Phil (15SP)
Pass Lingvistic test (9SP)

Fall 2001
Pass Ex.Phil (15SP) (twice: in Oslo and Tromsoe!)

Spring 2002
Fail 1st year anthropology (60SP)
Fail 3rd semester anthropology (30SP)

Fall 2002
Pass 1st year anthropology (60SP)
Pass 3rd semester anthropology (30SP)
Pass History on nationalism in Norway (10SP)
Pass History on nationalism in Europe (10SP)

Spring 2003
Pass 1st year sociology (60SP)
Pass Urban anthropology (10SP)
Pass Religion and philosophy in China (10SP)

This is when I had earned my BA and I had taken all that I had been behind…

In the following years I also failed some courses, but here are the ones I passed:

Fall 2003
Pass Social Anthropology M.Phil methods (30SP)
Pass Literature Science before 1700 (20SP)
Pass Literature Science after 1900 (10SP)
Pass America in the fifties and sixties (10SP)
Pass Translation English<->Norwegian (5SP)
Pass Globalization and American Power (10SP)
Pass American Culture (10SP)
Pass American Literature (10SP)
Pass Shakespeare (10SP)
Pass Chinese Society and Politics (10SP)

Spring 2004
Pass Fieldwork Anthropology M.Phil in Douglas, AZ (30SP)

Fall 2004
Pass History from the 1st International to Attac (10SP)
Pass North South Development studies (10SP)
Pass English grammar (10SP)
Pass English phonetics (5SP)
Pass British culture (10SP)
Pass 3rd semester Anthropology M.Phil (30SP)
Pass History introduction (10SP)
Pass Newer European History (10SP)
Pass Race and Racism in the US (10SP)
Pass Newer Anthropology theories (10sp)

Spring 2005
Pass advanced development geography (20SP)
Pass Social Anthropology M.Phil thesis (30SP)
Pass Development economics (10SP)
Pass Modern Sociological theory (10SP)
Pass History bachelor thesis (10SP)
Pass Introduction Geography (10SP)

Fall 2005
Pass 1st semester pedagogy (30SP)
Pass Newer Norwegian history (10SP)
Pass Newer world history (10SP)

Spring 2006
Pass Pedagogy 2nd semester (30SP)

I decided to retake some courses, but I only counted these once.

The point I was trying to make to the journalists was that once I was used to take 100SP fall 2002, I knew how to do it and simply continued doing it — even though there really wasn’t anything pressuring me after that.

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