Who should get the Nobel peace prize? The IAEA, El Baradei, both or none?

The fall semester is about to be over, and so along come all these causes that one needs to go on the streets for again. Two of the main actions our peace group from the university is involved in is protesting the spread of nuclear technology for civilian use by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Of course, it’s leader El Baradei is mostly known for trying to control the nuclear plans of countries such as Iran, Iraq and North Korea. And surely, that makes him a worthy recepient of the Nobel Peace prize. However, it is not only the IAEA that has a second agenda in its back hand, but also El Baradei ended a presentation on the future of nuclear power in Paris this spring with the words: “It is my hope that, during this conference, we can consider how each of these factors can be addressed, to ensure that nuclear energy remains a viable source of safe, secure and environmentally benign energy.”

Now one should certainly be critical of nuclear proliferation of any kind, but does that mean that one can’t receive the Nobelpeace prize? I have decided for myself that I can support El Baradei personally, for the work connected to trying to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, but I strongly disagree with the IAEA and its work on the spread of atomic energy – and the pure existence of nuclear power plants also makes it a lot easier to built those nuclear weapons.
(read also this letter in Aftenposten that I signed)
Another issue we’re involved in is the Norwegian Oil Corporation (DNO), as they are now the first foreign oil company to actually drill in the region. Our first action on the matter was small, but we got some media attention anyways. I think it is important especially for the foreign media to see that also Norwegians protest this stuff. besides, it is one fo the few cases where we’re actualyl resposnible for protesting against the “Norwegian capital” when they’re trying to exploit foreign people and regions – and that is probably the most important point in making sure one is on the right side in the international class struggle, if you wanna get all Marxist about it…

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