I just got this from another Caro-fan (see a few posts below). It’s the text for the Caro advertisement that was send in TV (and radio?) advertisement in the late 1980s (maybe also somewhat later). You have to know German to understand it of course.

Ich mag das Schöne dieser Welt, ich mag den Wind im Roggenfeld
– Ich mag es, wenn der Tag erwacht
Und die Sonne dazu lacht
Ich mag Plaudern am Nachmittag, Obstkuchen mit Schlag
– Ich mag die Lichter meiner Stadt
Diskutieren bis in den Tag
Lass mich von deinem Duft verführ’n
Deine Wärme spür’n
– Caro, ich mag dich! Du bist einfach gut!

But the important part is anyways not the text in itself – the important part is the time period that West Germans connect to it.

Now you might think that is the same with all those children songs that we all remember and that set us all back to our personal child hood. In a certain way that is true, but it is also a whole lot more. Cause you have to remember that the society or country that one had back then is gone now. Yes, West Germany imperialistically took over East Germany and almost all the East German traditions were replaced by West German ones. And that why you have ‘Ostalgie’ (nostalgia for East Germany) these days. But you don’t have ‘Westalgie’ and maybe some need that. West Germany was a different country than the unified country is. And people grew up there and have partially good memories of it (as anyone would from anywhere). It was the country with the tiny capital (Bonn) that represented he explicit anti-ationalist spirit for much of the post-war generation. It was the country that couldn’t send soldiers into any war. It was the country where one had the right to seek asylum no matter what. It was the country where the picture son in law was working for the Bundesbahn (federal railways) as those could never be fired. It was the country in which, in the view of young women, it was the sandal wearing pacifist and not the military leader type, who represented the ideal partner. It was the country that had this appendix West-Berlin where one could escape military service entirely and live in the biggest village of the world. And it was the country that appeared to have a class compromise that wouldn’t be touched (as it turned out, probably simply due to the existence of East Germany).
I myself can get nostalgic about the past as people in many countries know it – not only West Germany, Sydslesvig and Denmark, but also East Germany , the US, Norway, Britain etc. . However still today, most people live in these little national cages and need the personal memories in order to get nostalgic. And the Caro-song is part of West Germans nostalgia.

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