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So these are probably some of the most exciting elections since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany (that is, West Germany): the chancellor is seeking reelection, but nobody can quite understand why he asked for an election prematurely (that is one year before he had to). Right now it looks as if the Social democrats (SPD), the Greens (Grüne) and the Socialists (Linkspartei) will tie with the Conservatives (CDU) and Liberals (FDP, that is economic liberals). However, if CDU + FDP fail to get a majority, Linkspartei and SPD have already said that they will not cooperate – which would mean that one might get a “big coalition” of CDU + SPD.
To be honest I think that could be just as good – and as I said earlier, it might mean the start of a new outer-parliamentary opposition.

So I’m saying to those who can vote: vote for the Socialists! And that is actually quite easy this time – cause also the DKP (German Communist Party) is participating in the campaign – as well as almost all the smaller left wing groups that historically have kept to themselfs.

Die Linkspartei
Die Linkspartei

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