the end of work

…as we know it. well, that my big hope for right now. Now of course I don’t even have a job, nor a real position or anything, but work piles up nevertheless in some way or another. Now it’s only about 24h until I leave Oslo again. One rather short Norwegian week is about to end, and… oh yeah, I got a new design on this page. It’s not that beautiful and I have a lot of complaints myself, but it’s gonna have to stay that way until I return to my online access. I hope I get enough energy to actually write sensible stuff. I think I should write something about Copenhagen….

Why Copenhagen? Well, it should be something on Copenhagen as a hub, as a place of meeting up and going other places. Just this summer I myself went Oslo – Copenhagen – Sydslesvig – Berlin – Copenhagen – Viborg – Slagelse – Copenhagen – Oslo … and now I’m going on … – Copenhagen – Ratzeburg – Copenhagen – Oslo . Now personally for me the Copenhagen train station has represented the port to the teenage world (that is the geographic part of the world I inhibited as a teenager) and as a bottle neck when considering transporting large quantities of luggage from Sydslesvig to Oslo or the other way round. Now train schedules change constantly, but there was a time that I remember quite vividly when I had to haul a** down the stairs to the platform upon arrival with the early morning bus. three to four large duffle bags of books and other belongings usually slowed me down and more than once did the whole affair come close to end up fatal.
But more on Copenhagen and what it’s like to hang around inner Copenhagen at 5 or 6 in the morning after a night in the bus for an ex-South Schleswigan will follow once I return….