two demonstrations, two worlds

Last Saturday we had two demonstrations right after oneanother. The goals of the demonstration were slightly different, altough probably most participating in one, could also have been in the other. However, they did turn out to be quite different.

While the first demonstration was against the Norwegian company Yara handing out an ecology prize to the dictator of Ethiopia, the second one was for a true left wing shift in Norwegian politics after the general elections next week, no matter how they turn out.

Now look at these pictures (more pics below). Aren’t the differences telling?

Yara demonstration
Yara demonstration
Oslo 2005 demonstration
Oslo 2005 demonstration

Actually, it’s not even all about race, as I’ll explain…
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shoot at sight?

OK, so everybody must have heard about Katrina and the lootings in New Orelans, that were connected with it by now.

However, it seems that the news picture is differing quite a bit depending on where on the planet you are. I first encountered this when I send a mail to a bunch of US Americans about my analysis of the situation, in which I was referring to the shoot-at-sight orders, that I had heard had been issued to the National Guard by Democratic governor Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana. The replies I got from some, made me dig further into the difference of the news picture in the US and the rest of the world.
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activism for the sake of itself

The mobilization for September 3rd (Oslo, but Trondheim’s site is better) is about to come to an end. That is pretty much the end of the election campaign for me for this time. With the peace group we had one last stunt yesterday, which was sort of co-ordinated with activists in Germany and Copenhagen, but we still haven’t seen any pictures of their actions.

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The tent thing…

went great! We were the stars out there, and won most of the stuff we had hoped for. The most important thing was probably a resolution condeming the sitting government and their cuts on student financing. Now we thought we could get the social democrats to agree on condeming the government, but then not to agree with our progressive demands. Fortunately, we got it almost all through – although they cut our demands for a 100% and no loan for students to a demand of 60% stipend and 40% loan. See here, here and here (all Norwegian).