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Assange/Žižek not really all that leftist after-all?

Finally got to see the second episode of Julian Assange tv show in which he interviews David Horowitz and Slavoj Žižek. While the interview is certainly original and much better than what western tv has produced for the past few decades, it still seems as if all three take a bunch of conservative premises for granted. Some issues, such as that Latin American leftist leaders are "dictators" as Horowitz claims, are just left unanswered in the room and one can only imagine that Assange/Žižek did not refute such charges as they were simply too far out to be answerable.

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Defence for Christian Klar (ex-Rote Armee Fraktion)

Upon returning to Europe I notice how little actually has changed here. It seems as if the whole continent just took a break while I was gone and started right back up with me. Here in Norway I witnessed a pre-seminar for this years national convention of the teacher’s union’s student group and as always, it was an (overly) consensus-driven milieu. Although the average member probably has opinions spread, but somewhat left of the center, it is hard to make out much of any exact political differences.

Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF) -- radical West German group that wasn't shy of violence.
Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF) — radical West German group that wasn’t shy of violence.

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New Orleans – class and race relations getting renewed focus

If there is one positive thing about the Scandalous handling of the New Orleans tragedy, it is probably the renewed focus that class and race relations have received in the US afterwards. Listening to KALX most of these early fall days (the temparature really went down quite a bit following the elections here) while typing or reading, I can’t get the Kanye West remix “George Bush don’t like black people” out of my head – and it seems to spread extremely fast – just got a reference to it from my brother in Roskilde, Denmark a few days ago. Probably it’s partially cause you can download it for free, but also cause the theme is something people are interested in.

download it!
download it!