What did we learn from Oaxaca? (and what I am doing now)

The following I first wrote in Norwegian, but then I met a Greek traveler who had been asked to write soemthing about Oaxaca for a Greek magazine. However, because they did not let him in to the city (holding him in custody for not having a passport on him for a few days instead), he could not write anything about it and asked me whether I could send my article (for anyone having followed this blog all throughout the conflict, some of this stuff is the same over again.)…

Oaxaca – liberated city

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The other Mexican President

Update: After a phone conversation with my parents it became clear that I have to add a note somewhere on the site that I often anonynomize the names of people I talk about, especially if not all they are doing is completely legal. And therefore: No, Petra is not German, although the name might sound like it.

On the first of December, Mexico’s other president Felipe Calderon (FP) was inaugurated in a five minute ceremony after having slipped into a parliament through a hole in the wall. Previously, parliament had been occupied and blocked by members of the left wing coalition supporting Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) for three days, while members of Calderon’s National Action Party (PAN) also slept there in order to keep space free for FP and his ceremony. FP is the president who will actually be recognized by the Mexican military and the Mexican federal police (PFP) and, more importantly, the Pentagon.

< %image(20061204-israel_AMLO.jpg|2272|1704|Israel from Oaxaca (PRD) is still believing in AMLO.)%>

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