Summer slump

Ok, so another few days have passed by, another few things have been finished up (see fx KonturDebatt nr.1), but today was the first day for a long time during which I had moments that I didn’t have much use for. Or rather, I chose not to use them for anything productive. I still have quite a lot of computer work that I have to do, but the deadlines are moving increasingly more distant…
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Another Friday night, and nothing but work…

hmm, so there we are again, it’s Friday night, and I’m sitting in fon tof the computer linign up the various papers I have to do before sunrise. Somehow I’ve ended up with another huge stack of computer related jobs that are not the least bit exciting. And that in the few months that the sun is actually out in this country. And of course, it’s all non-paying, and the current course of history (the no-votes in France and the Netherlands) have transformed my monthly Danish student stipend into a much smaller amount of Norwegian crowns. But oh well, I will survive that as well. And then I’m really not in it for the money, so as long as I survive in some way or another, who cares.
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Ok, so our action out at Drøbak to try to stop the U.S.S. Saipan from entering the Oslo Fjord got quite some coverage last week, as well as our protests against the visit of “Defense Secretary” Rumsfeld. Head on over to to see more on the matter, and also the programming of as well as the student parliament elections and the setting of this year’s social anthropological yearbook have been taking quite a lot of time.

Other than that, I have been quite busy with school, amongst other things, turning in my master thesis. Now all I wait for is the oral exam that is to come up on the 20th. I have no ida what to expect, so I’ll just have to hope I can answer some of the commision’s questions.